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Dolce Vino

June 29, 2011

After you graduate from college, there’s a moment when you realize you are just too old for some things that used to be ok. Posters that aren’t framed, wearing flannel pants all day, eating ramen for every meal, and drinking beer straight out of the bottle (ok, maybe I still do that), are just so last year.  Perhaps the first sign of someone blossoming into a true young professional is an apartment that no longer looks like a collection of free furniture thrown together.  Over the past few months my roommates and I have attempted to work on this through an extensive project entitled “Make our apartment look grown up.”  The battle began in the living room.  We bought a new rug, a new couch, and new curtains.  Dispite all of this, there was one area we just could not figure out how to fix: a 5 foot section of blank wall just as you walk in.  Too small for a chair, too large for just art, the space seemed to taunt us every day.

Typical morning conversation with the wall:

Me: I hate you blank wall I HATE YOU!!!! why can’t you look nice like the rest of the room!?!?!!

Wall: na-na-naaaa-na-naaa-naaaa yoooooou can’t fiiiiix meeee!!!

WELL WALL.  We have no defeated you!!!!  After seeing an idea on DesignSponge for wine crate shelves, I passed the idea along to Becca who DIYed her little booty off to make us some beautiful shelves!

We contacted a local wine shop and asked for any spare crates they may have lying around.  Apparently only really expensive wines are still shipped in crates, so there were only a few available (good thing we didn’t want franzia crates anyway).  AND super bonus for our poor college grad apartment? The crates are free!!!!  Becca cleaned the crates and then stained them with a light wood stain, and then mounted them on the wall using a rented power drill and wall anchors.  Who knew you could rent power tools?

Total cost: <$30

Total apartment impact: $9,834,209

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