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Sweet Tarte

July 8, 2011

Although I’m a morning person, something about waking up for work makes me beg for an extra 5 minutes under the covers.  I frequently snooze my alarm for at least 20 minutes, and those first steps out of bed are always a struggle.  My everyday morning beauty routine is therefore necessarily minimalistic to accommodate the fact that I’m perpetually 20 minutes behind.  Often I run out of the house with nothing more than a little concealer, a swipe of mascara, and a tube of lip gloss in my hand.  I’m constantly searching for products that are difficult to screw up while I’m still bleary eyed and  upcoordinated from sleep, which is why I was so thrilled to discover Tarte lip and cheek stain.  The packaging is adorable, and inside looks like  a mammoth solid lipgloss.  One swipe on each cheek, a little smudging, and a swipe over my lips, and I look put together, awake, and glowing.  The colors are fantastic, and I love that it does double duty as both a blush and lipgloss without looking overdone.

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